Private Individual Insurance

Private Individual Insurance
We are happy to welcome you to the private individual insurance section. We are one of the largest insurance companies offering our private customers a set of services to meet your every need. We are distinguished by the unique conditions and obvious advantages which include individual approach to each customer and meticulous execution of the assumed obligations. We do our best to offer potential customers the most favorable and convenient conditions of insurance.
Our competitive advantages include a thorough study of policyholder’s interests so that the design of the insurance contract would not require any significant time costs and was as clear and practical as possible.

This is how much we have paid to our insurance customers as on 20.07.2024

KZT 1,6 bln. on a monthly basis or KZT 73 mln. a week (including week-ends), KZT 53,3 mln. a day, KZT 2,2 bln. per hour, KZT 37 thous. per minute

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There was an accident and you have encountered a problem? Don’t you worry if you have an insurance policy with Eurasia IC JSC. We sympathize with you and are ready to give you our assistance and support.

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