Mission and Strategy

Mission and Strategy

Mission of Eurasia Insurance Company JSC:

In the pursuit of continuous improvement and quality development, we primarily focused on serving public interests and on personal success of our customers, partners and employees.

Our recognition by international partners and introduction of a socially responsible business today allows us to contribute to the promotion and development of the insurance market in the Republic of Kazakhstan while business philosophy based on transparency and harmony serve as an example for many domestic companies.


The company aims to maintain its permanent leadership position in the insurance market of the country. At the end of 2023, Eurasia IC accounted for 28.5% of the premium income market, thereby reaffirming its leadership.

In business development, Eurasia Insurance Company assigns a major role to geographic diversification, continuing to develop partnerships with companies around the world. Today, Eurasia IC operates in more than 100 countries globally. As of January 1, 2024, the company accounts for 57.37% of the total volume of incoming reinsurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and about 71% of the total volume of incoming reinsurance from abroad.

In June 2008, the process of financial reorganization of the Eurasian Financial Company JSC holding company was completed. As a result of the reorganization a classic financial holding company was established, which is the sole shareholder of three financial companies - JSC Eurasia Insurance Company JSC, Eurasian Bank JSC and Eurasian Capital JSC.

Thus, a universal financial group was created offering a broad range of services, focused on dynamic development and growth based on synergistic effect of improving structure.

The changes are designed to improve mobility, transparency and efficiency of the financial unit of companies and will be accompanied by the improvement of business processes aimed at increasing cross-selling efficiency.


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There was an accident and you have encountered a problem? Don’t you worry if you have an insurance policy with Eurasia IC JSC. We sympathize with you and are ready to give you our assistance and support.

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