Contingencies related to housing (damage or destruction) cause the greatest financial and emotional damage. The emergence of problems in plumbing, electrical wiring, and even breakaway of the washing machine hose can cause damage not only to the owner of the apartment, but also to their neighbors. When we have something to lose, we want to be sure that we can preserve our investments, even if something happens to our property. By choosing the appropriate package, you can ensure yourself a compensation in the event of natural disasters (flood, earthquake, fire, hurricane, etc.), resulting in a lot of damaged apartments and houses.

The object insured is the property interests of the policyholder (insured/beneficiary), associated with the possibility of damage to or destruction (loss) of the insured property as a result of ownership, use and disposal thereof.

ËStandard Risks

Standard coverage risks: the insured event is the damage to or destruction of property as a result of occurrence of the event, having characteristics of the insured event due to the below risks only, namely exclusively:

  • fire;
  • lightning strike;
  • explosion;
  • fall of manned flying objects or their fragments or cargo on the property;
  • natural disasters except earthquake, namely volcano eruption or effect of subterranean fire, landslide, rock fall, storm, tornado, hurricane, hail, rain, snow avalanches;
  • earthquake and subsequent fire;
  • flooding as a result of breakdown of water supply, sewerage, heating and fire-extinguishing systems;
  • unlawful acts of third persons, namely exclusively: housebreaking, burglary, robbery.

The Program is designed for:

Real-estate built bot earlier than
Value of the property
KZT 7 000 000 to KZT 100 000 000

Possible additional options beyond basic coverage (combination of coverage as selected by customer):

Special Offers

The customer may additionally insure the following risks at a special price:

The customer may receive a substantial discount (totaling not more than 60%) if:

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Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes, published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

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