When planning a quality vacation abroad we all want things to go as planned. However, possible unforeseen circumstances may call into question or ruin the long-awaited vacation. Today many travelers, having the experience of travelling abroad, are more deliberate when it comes to the purchase of insurance policy and no longer consider it undesirable extra “burden”.

Today, insurance policy is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa to travel to certain countries, such as the Schengen countries. And even if you are going to a visa-free country or travel to the CIS countries, insurance policy for citizens traveling abroad will help you feel confident. We can develop a comprehensive program for travel enthusiasts and business people based on the length of your trip and territory of insurance.

The object insured is the property interests of the insured subject to the insured risk and associated with the insured’s costs of medical care and other additional expenses specified in the insurance contract incurred during their stay abroad in the territory specified in the insurance contract.

- Standard Risks

Insured risk is a probable event related to the costs of the insured for medical care in case of sudden illness or accident, and other additional expenses in accordance with the signed insurance contract during their stay abroad.

Insurance Coverage:

Sum Insured:

Limit of coverage depends of
the insured’s country of stay.

Insurance Rate: 

Cost of the insurance policy depends on
the period of travel and the country visited by the insured.

List of documents required to effect insurance policy: passport.

Additional Information:  

How does insurance coverage operate?

Our customers around the world are supported and serviced by our partner - Global Voyager Assistance (GVA) Service Company - a member of the International Assistance Group (IAG). The GVA Company provides our customers with a separate dedicated phone line with easy dial and provides access to the Russian-speaking operator. The customer is also provided with additional dedicated telephone lines in Turkey, Egypt, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Finland, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, France and Thailand. In emergency, you need to make one phone call to the GVA Company using the number specified in the policy, and operators will make all necessary arrangements for medical or other assistance.

We care about you in any country and on any route and are always ready to help in hour of need.

Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes, published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the degree of extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

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Insured Event?

There was an accident and you have encountered a problem? Don’t you worry if you have an insurance policy with Eurasia IC JSC. We sympathize with you and are ready to give you our assistance and support.

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