Eurasia Insurance Company, being №1 insurer in Kazakhstan and having extensive experience in the international insurance market, offers a completely new, unique and unprecedented motor insurance product. As a result, one product, in addition to the standard insurance coverage, combines all of the most popular additional options that are available on the global insurance market. The customer may choose combination of required options on their own, that is, to choose the amount of insurance coverage and determine insurance cost. Calculation is performed in a matter of seconds using a calculator on the company's website.

- Standard Risks

Loss (destruction) of or damage to a road transport (optional equipment) as a result of the following events:

  • Road Traffic Accident (RTA) – an event occurring in the course of on-road movement of a motor vehicle and with participation thereof, where there is a collision with another motor vehicle, crash (impact) into moving or stationary objects (buildings, obstacles, birds, animals etc.), roll over, flooding and any object falling of thereon;
  • Unlawful acts of third parties, such as theft, burglary, robbery, stealing of a motor vehicle or individual parts, components or auxiliary equipment thereof, and destruction thereof or any damage thereto associated with theft, robbery or stealing or attempted theft, robbery or stealing;
  • Natural disasters, such as gale, storm, hurricane, hail, lightning, earthquake, landslide, landfall, volcanic eruption, dust storm, tornado, typhoon and tsunami;
  • Other unforeseen events, including fire, explosion, fall through ice, breakdown of plumbing, heating or sewage systems.

The Program is designed for:

Vehicles that are not older than
10 years
Vechile values if
от KZT 1 000 000 to KZT 50 000 000

Possible additional options beyond basic coverage (selection of a combination of coverage as selected by the customer):

The customer can be offered substantial discounts (no more than 60% total) if:

img3.pngCoverage of RTA risk only.     img2.pngCoverage without the risk of RTA. img1.pngContract is effective until occurrence of the first insured event.

The profit commission in the absence of losses at the year-end: the customer can receive a refund of part of the insurance premium in the amount of 5% from the previously paid premium or 10% discount on insurance extension for another insurance period. The discount is given at the first and the second extensions of the insurance contract.

Special Offers

The customer may additionally insure the following risks at a special price:

Precalculate SmartCASCO

Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes, published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

For more information please contact the manager:

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+7 (727) 258-43-36 (for Almaty)
8 800 080 0099 (toll-free throughout Kazakhstan)

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