Third Party Liability Insurance

As we know, life is unpredictable, and even with the most professional approach to business there can be situations where damage will be caused to another party or default by one of the parties in the course of your company's business, which could result in damaging the image of your company. It is however possible to prevent the risk of capital diversion to settle disputes with business partners by entering into a third party insurance contract.

Types of Insurance

  • Mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance of Vehicle Owners
    Each vehicle owner or driver must insure their liability in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan №446-II of 01.07.2003 “On Mandatory Vehicle Owner’s Third Party Liability Insurance”... More
  • Carrier’s Third Party Liability to Passengers
    The problem of compensation for damage to passengers, who have suffered through the fault of the carrier, is beginning to attract more and more attention. People who entrust their life to a professional carrier have the right to expect safe and timely arrival at destination... More
  • Facultative Vehicle Owner’s Third Party Liability Insurance
    If liability limits for mandatory insurance of vehicles owner’s third party liability are insufficient for you... More
  • TPL to Third Parties and the Lessor
    For companies working in the retail field, the most urgent problem of financial losses due to the settlement of the claims of the lessor. A simple solution is third party liability insurance contract... More
  • TPL Insurance
    One of the most reliable and effective ways to protect your property interests, associated with the obligation to compensate for damage caused by you to third parties, is third party liability insurance...More

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