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  • Eurasia Insurance Company JSC established (hereinafter – Eurasia IC)
  • The company moved to a new, modern and spacious office at 59, Zheltoksan Street, which not only allows the staff of 100 people to work comfortably, but also to carry out promotional activities on professional matters of insurance and reinsurance operations
  • Eurasia IC has started to insure payment terminals, cash operating units, transportation of valuables, and property of private and corporate customers, to provide insurance coverage of the property of motor transport enterprises
  • The geography of the Company has been expanding. In addition to Almaty and Almaty region, insurance is effected in other regions of Kazakhstan
  • Eurasia IC is the Facilitator of the Annual Risk Management International Conference
  • S&P has assigned Eurasia Insurance Company a long-term counterparty credit rating and financial strength rating of B+, kzBBB long-term rating , with Stable outlook
  • Eurasia IC has paid ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC more than USD 1 million for the miners who have suffered in Karaganda region
  • A.M. Best Rating agency has assigned Eurasia IC B++ financial strength rating
  • Eurasia IC, together with a professional musician and radio journalist, Yevgeny Bychkov, has launched "2 Lives Later" radio program – an international media project about the “living rock era” (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin)
  • Eurasia IC participates in a large-scale five-year reinsurance program for Arian - 5 launch vehicles of the European Union from Kourou Cosmodrome
  • For the first time, a company from Kazakhstan – Eurasia IC – was included by S & P rating agency in the list of two hundred world reinsurers
  • As part of medical insurance program Eurasia IC invited Dr. V. Teplitsky, the leading specialist of the Institute of Allergy and Pulmonology, a member of the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, to come to Almaty
  • Eurasia IC was awarded the title of the winner of the award and Grand Prix "Best Insurance Company in the Republic of Kazakhstan"
  • The world-famous “Reactions” peer reviewed insurance magazine published an article devoted to activities of Eurasia IC
  • Eurasia IC has launched a new car insurance product - "Gold AutoCASCO"
  • The European Space Agency (ESA) included Eurasia IC in the list of highly reliable insurers, who have been entrusted to insure space risks of ESA projects
  • Eurasia IC is the best insurer and reinsurer in Kazakhstan, according to Global Broker & Underwriter magazine
  • Eurasia IC has paid KZT140 million to a Kazakh enterprise in Almaty for the fire in the office building
  • S&P agency has upgraded Eurasia IC long-term counterparty credit ratings and financial strength rating to B+ level, and national scale kzBBB+ long-term rating with Stable outlook on both ratings
  • IV International Risk Management Conference was held. Yegor Gaidar - former Acting Prime Minister and Director of the "Institute for Economy in Transition" – spoke at the conference.
  • Chief accountant of Eurasia IC was first to receive a number one certificate accredited by accountants professional certification organization
  • Eurasia IC has launched "Saktau" system, which allows to 100% determine authenticity of insurance
  • S&P upgraded long-term counterparty credit ratings and financial strength rating of Eurasia IC from B+ to BB- with Stable outlook.
  • Eurasia IC has joined the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI)
  • Eurasia IC has paid 4 million rubles for partial loss of "Express-AM2" spacecraft
  • Eurasia IC holds the Fifth Anniversary International Risk Management Conference. The speaker of the conference is Andrei Illarionov – a well-known international economist and former economic policy adviser to the Russian President
  • The title of "Best Speaker of Interfax-Kazakhstan 2010" was granted to Nazym Tulchinsky - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Eurasia IC
  • Eurasia IC held the first Kazakh Cinema Evening, devoted to the fascinating explanation of the nature and characteristics of insurance and risk management
  • S&P upgraded Eurasia IC credit ratings from BB- to BB, with Stable outlook
  • Eurasia IC has paid more than USD 1 million for the wreck of a pleasure yacht in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea
  • Almaty hosts VI International Risk Management Conference. Tony Sheridan, who had introduced The Beatles to the world, gave a concert at the conference
  • In 2010, Eurasia IC was ranked first in the world in terms of profitability of insurance sales – as rated by Standard and Poor's rating agency
  • With the support of Eurasia IC, was held Annual Republican Academic and Research Competition was held among students, young scientists and specialists for the best work in the field of insurance – “ONE STEP FROM IDEA TO IMPLEMENTATION”
  • Chairman of the Board of Eurasia IC, Boris Umanov, delivered a lecture at the London Lloyds Insurance Corporation on “Insurance Market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia”
  • Authorized capital of Eurasia IC increased by 19% - KZT 37,38 billion
  • Eurasia IC has paid out more than KZT 48 million for the flood in the city of Uralsk
  • Almaty hosts VII International Risk Management Conference. Nouriel Roubini, professor at New York University and adviser to President Obama spoke at the Conference.
  • Eurasia IC has begun to pay compensation to victims of earthquake in Japan. Payouts are going to exceed USD 1 million
  • A.M. Best upgraded the Eurasia IC credit rating from bbb to bbb + and affirmed B ++ financial strength rating with stable outlooks for both ratings
  • Eurasia IC has paid KZT 500 million for total loss of the Russian "Phobos-Grunt" spacecraft that burnt down in the Earth's atmosphere
  • Prestigious World Finance magazine had recognized Eurasia IC to be the best insurance company in Kazakhstan in 2012
  • Standard & Poor's has upgraded its outlook on Eurasia IC ratings from "Stable" to "Positive". At the same time long-term counterparty credit ratings and BB financial stability rating and the national scale kzA rating have been confirmed
  • Eurasia IC participates in Walt Disney Company reinsurance
  • Eurasia IC has paid KZT 747 million for the loss of "Express AM4" satellite
  • Eurasia IC has completed settlement of loss of KZT 1,5 billion tenge for total loss of Telcom-3 telecommunication space satellite
  • Eurasia IC has paid more than US 5,5 million for the fire in China
  • Reinsurance payments for the flood in Thailand has come close to KZT 1 billion
  • Eurasia IC has made interim payment in the amount of KZT 666 million for the collapse of storage rack system in Aktobe
  • At the moment, Eurasia IC has paid KZT 322,7 million for the consequences of Sandy hurricane
  • Eurasia IC has paid USD 2,5 million for an explosion at a chemical plant of The Williams Companies Inc.
  • S&P assigned Eurasia IC a national-scale kzAA-rating, which is the highest among all private financial institutions in the country
  • Eurasia IC has paid USD 5 million as a result of a powerful landslide in the US state of Utah at Kennecott Utah Copper Bingham Canyon Mine
  • Eurasia IC reinsured a sports car able to drive across entire Denmark in 17 minutes
  • Eurasia IC has developed a special "Wunderkind" accident insurance program for school students in Kazakhstan
  • Eurasia IC will pay USD 3 million for the crashed Malaysian Boeing 777
  • Eurasia IC reinsured KFC and McDonald's
  • Eurasia IC has purchased a medical center in Mönchengladbach (North Rhine-Westphalia) in Germany
  • Eurasia IC has increased its authorized capital to KZT 54,3 billion
  • X Anniversary International Risk Management Conference took place in Kazakhstan. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and John Lennon have come in contact at a séance.
  • Eurasia IC has paid KZT 164 million for the fire at MEGA shopping center in Almaty
  • Eurasia IC started to insure against Ebola
  • "Rakhat" JSC received KZT 23,8 million from Eurasia IC for the burnt down candy and chocolates
  • Eurasia IC has frozen the price of its services till the end of the 1st quarter of 2016
  • Eurasia IC will pay KZT 1,1 billion for the flood in Kashmir and Jammu (India)
  • Eurasia IC has launched a unique motor transport insurance product – “Smart Casco”
  • Capital of Eurasia IC increased to KZT 75 bln.
  • S&P revised its outlook on Eurasia IC ratings to “Positive” due to improved asset quality; rating affirmed at BB+/kzAA-
  • Eurasia IC has paid India KZT 571 million after the flood
  • New 3-storey dental center - MEDICAL ASSISTANCE GROUP LLP - established
  • Eurasia IC will pay KZT 21 million on the incident at the Astana airport
  • Eurasia IC reinsured launch from Baikonur for USD$ 7 million
  • Eurasia IC will pay KZT 86 million for the MD-600 helicopter crashed in Taldykorgan region
  • Eurasia IC will pay KZT 86 million for the MD-600 helicopter crashed in Taldykorgan region
  • Eurasia IC has paid more than KZT 312 million to objects in India affected by flood
  • Eurasia IC has paid KZT 2,4 billion for the loss of AMOS-5 satellite, launched from "Baikonur" cosmodrome
  • The Ritz Carlton Almaty hotel hosted XII International Risk Management Conference. A journalist of one of the most quoted TV channels in Russia - "Rain TV" – came to Almaty.
  • The plane that crashed near Bishkek was reinsured by Eurasia Insurance Company
  • Premium income of Eurasia IC in 2016 increased by 33.3% - up to 49 billion tenge
  • At the end of April, the XIII International Risk Management Conference was held in Almaty
  • Eurasia IC reinsured Elon Musk's missile launches
  • S&P revised the outlook on the ratings of Eurasia IC to Positive; ratings confirmed at BB+/kzAA-
  • The meat supplier to McDonald's and Burger King was reinsured by Eurasia IC.
  • Eurasia IC has formed a reserve of $2.9 million for Walt Disney
  • S&P upgraded the rating of Eurasia IC by two positions at once – from kzAA- to kzAA+
  • S&P agency upgraded Eurasia’s IC long-term counterparty and financial strength credit ratings to BBB-, as well as the long-term kzAAA+ rating on the national scale with a Stable outlook for both ratings.
  • The plane that crashed in Indonesia was reinsured by Eurasia IC
  • The anniversary XV International Risk Management Conference was held in Kazakhstan.
  • The authorized capital of Eurasia IC increased by 22% - to 121 billion tenge
  • Eurasia IC entered into direct insurance contracts with policyholders from the UK and the USA
  • A.M. Best changed the Eurasia IC outlook to Stable, with ratings confirmed at B++/bbb+
  • A new medical center of MEDICAL ASSISTANCE GROUP LLP was opened in Nur-Sultan
  • In a terrible traffic accident, Eurasia IC paid more than 5 million tenge to the families of those killed in the accident in Almaty
  • Eurasia IC introduced new electronic services
  • Eurasia IC paid for the consequences of looting in the USA
  • Payments by Eurasia IC under civil liability of vehicle owners, for eight months of 2020 exceeded the figures for 2019
  • The Netflix filming process was reinsured by Eurasia Insurance Company
  • Eurasia IC paid more than 2 billion tenge for a fire in the production workshop of the largest meat producer in the United States, Tyson Foods
  • Eurasia IC launched a new unique “10+10+10,000” campaign for compulsory insurance of third- party liability of vehicle owners
  • Capital of Eurasia IC increased to 300 billion tenge
  • Eurasia IC paid 1.2 billion tenge for the restoration of a large electric power company in Puerto Rico after earthquakes
  • Eurasia IC can reinsure the risks of the COVID-19 vaccine developer
  • Eurasia IC launched Smart Casco sales with a new significantly improved program and with the additional VIP service option
  • S&P confirmed the long-term BBB credit rating of Eurasia IC with a Stable outlook
  • A.M. Best confirmed the B++ and bbb+ rating of Eurasia IC at the level with a Stable outlook for both ratings
  • Eurasia IC can reinsure lithium mining risks in Bolivia
  • Chairman of the Management Board of Eurasia IC, Boris Umanov, spoke on the risks associated with the professional activities of miners, and coverage of employers' liability in tragedies
  • Eurasia IC had paid 49 million tenge to bus passengers after a collision with a herd of horses
  • By resolution of the Management Board of Directors, Kairat Chegebaev was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of Eurasia IC
  • S&P confirmed the BBB rating of Eurasia IC
  • A.M. Best confirmed the B++ rating of Eurasia IC
  • Insurance pay outs by Eurasia IC for the earthquake in Turkey exceeded €13 million, or 6.4 billion tenge

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