The foundation for successful company performance is its production assets. Damage, destruction or loss of property as a result of unforeseen events can significantly worsen the economic situation of any enterprise, and even result in financial collapse of the company. Therefore, a major challenge for the owner is to ensure preservation of the property and creation of safe maintenance and operation conditions.

Property insurance is the best solution that can protect your business against real financial losses. Insurance costs are low, but in case of any unforeseen events, resulting in damage or loss of your property insurance will ensure compensation.

“Eurasia” IC” JSC offers comprehensive coverage against various risks in many aspects of the company activities - from insurance of building, equipment, inventory and specialized equipment to business interruption as a result of an insured event.

Types of Insurance

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There was an accident and you have encountered a problem? Don’t you worry if you have an insurance policy with Eurasia IC JSC. We sympathize with you and are ready to give you our assistance and support.

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