Property Insurance against Damage and Business Interruption

Production activities of a company can suddenly be disrupted as a result of extraordinary events. During the time required to bring production back to former levels, the company loses revenue that it would have received if the damage had not occurred. It is virtually impossible and inefficient to create reserves for such situations, making up for the lost income. Loss of profits and fixed costs due to forced business interruption is one of the many business risks that can and should be insured. It is often a loss of interruption of production is much higher than that due to the damage or destruction of property. Specifically for domestic enterprises, our specialists have developed a comprehensive insurance program that allows to cover the maximum risks that enterprises face. It is an additional coverage for property insurance, and it allows entrepreneurs to compensate for their loss of profits and fixed costs in case of business interruption in the company due to an insured event.

- Standard Risks

Section 1 “Property Insurance against Damage”

Insured event is the loss (destruction) of or damage to property as a result of the following events:

1) fire;

2) lightning strike;

3) explosion;

4) fall of manned flying objects or their fragments or cargo on the property; 

5) natural disasters except earthquake, namely effect of subterranean fire, landslide, rock fall, storm, tornado, hurricane, hail, rain, snow avalanches;

6) earthquake and subsequent fire; 

7) flooding as a result of breakdown of water supply, sewerage, heating and fire-extinguishing systems; 

8) unlawful acts of third persons: hooliganism, housebreaking, burglary, vandalism.

Section 2. “Business Interruption Insurance”

Loss of income due to occurrence of the events specified in Section 1.

Sum insured for property and equipment:
value of the property.
Sum insured for business interruption
made up of the planned profit + fixed costs.

Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes, published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

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