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The tempo of modern living, unhealthy environment and stress can bring down even a completely healthy person. The most important thing at such times is to go see a doctor and not only in order to get a sick leave certificate but also to begin a course of treatment, to avoid unpleasant consequences of diseases and their complications. Health insurance will help ensure full range of highly qualified and timely medical assistance in case of health problems in the best hospitals, using highly effective diagnostic and treatment methods both for employees and their families.

While offering health insurance for corporate customers, our company has developed a flexible pricing scheme with a view to preferences and capabilities of each customer. Corporate Insurance with Eurasia IC JSC guarantees a highly qualified and effective health care for your employees on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Medical Assistance Group LLP is:

Insurance programs may include the following types of medical care:

outpatient care (accredited outpatient clinics, up-to-date equipment, highly skilled professionals);

Health insurance with Eurasia IC JSC is a highly professional and guaranteed care for your health.

Object Insured

Object insured - property interests of the Insured related to compensation for the costs and expenses incurred by them under the terms of the Insurance Contract

Insured Event

Insured Event – receipt of medical services by the Insured under the terms of the Insurance Contract without expending their own funds to pay for such services.

Eurasia Insurance Company JSC Health Insurance Customers are served trough Medical Assistance Group LLP. .

Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes, published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

Personal Account

Eurasia Insurance Company has introduced a number of innovations that will make our Facultative Health Insurance (FHI) programs even more convenient and affordable. We have launched the "Personal Account" function, which will help the insured to independently receive all the necessary information about medical coverage and available limits, online.

We not only care about your health, but we also value your time. A personal account will make it possible for you to get a real-time access using the cabinet.assistance.kz link for full-fledged medical support:
• term of the contract and the insurance card number;
• limits on dental services and medicines;
• history of receiving medical services;
• reference information on the nearest medical institutions;
• laboratory tests results;
• guidelines on what to do upon occurrence of  an insured event, and reimbursement of medical costs;
• additional information and medical advice;
• all the necessary contacts to communicate with us;
• and much more.

To gain access to your personal account, you must register using the link. After completing the registration procedure, the user can log in. To enter the personal account, you can use your mobile phone number and the password set during registration.

Access to your personal account is open around the clock from anywhere in the world, as long as you have the Internet.

If you have any questions, or any feedback and suggestions, you may always contact us by e-mail or by phone:
Medical Assistance Group: info@assistance.kz, 8 727 259 60 56; 259 97 90; 8 702 010 30 56;
Eurasia IC: medical@theeurasia.kz, or call 8 727 258 43 36

Contact Our Manager:

Contact Telephone Numbers:
+7 727 259 60 11,
+7 727 259 60 10,
8 800 080 0099

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Insured Event?

There was an accident and you have encountered a problem? Don’t you worry if you have an insurance policy with Eurasia IC JSC. We sympathize with you and are ready to give you our assistance and support.

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