Compulsory Insurance of Motor Transport Owner Liability

Every day on the city roads you face the risk of harming not only yourselves, but also random people. This difficult situation is easily solved thanks to the CI MTOL Insurance Policy. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan №446-II of 01.07.2003 "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners" every vehicle owner (holder, vehicle renter or driver on the basis of a power of attorney or a trip ticket), the vehicle driver must insure its liability.

The main purpose of the CI MTOL insurance is compensation for damages caused to the owner of the other vehicle, life and health of third parties and passengers.

Operation of a motor vehicle without CI MTOL insurance policy is not allowed. Traffic police officers ask for a CI MTOL insurance policy when checking documents, and in its absence there is a fine of 20 MCI charged (Part 2, Article 230 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Administrative Offences" dated July 5, 2014).

- Standard Risks

Insured event is the fact of occurrence of civil liability of the policyholder for damage caused to life, health and (or) property of persons recognized as victims, as a result of operation of the vehicle specified in the insurance policy.

Insurance indemnity upon insured event:

For any damage caused to one car – in the amount of damage, but not greater than that.
KZT 1 750 200 (600 MCIs);
For harm to life or health of victim – in the amount of the harm caused, but not greater than that.
KZT 2 917 000 (1000 MCI).

It should be borne in mind however that MCI changes every year; thus, the maximum amount of insurance compensation increases each year.

The customer may receive the following when effecting a policy:

img3.pngInsurance policy for Compulsory Insurance of Motor Transport Owner’s Liability. img1.pngTerm of the CO MTOL policy - 1 calendar year or until the first insured event.

The cost of CI MTOL depends on the following parameters:

By following the link, you can effect insurance policy for compulsory insurance of vehicle owner's liability online (compulsory motor insurance CI MTOL).


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