It is unlikely to find a business sector that is not using company trucks and passenger transport. Vehicles are used to transport management, deliver goods and perform other operations. A vehicle that goes unserviceable as a result of an accident, theft, arson or some other unpleasant incident can disorder all arrangements, both financial and temporal, or may significantly affect the company's reputation. A safe way to protect yourself against the risks associated with vehicle operation is to insure your corporate fleet. We offer you insurance for your vehicles with a high level of service, reliable protection and prompt indemnity.

The object insured is the property interests of the Policyholder (the Insured), related to the possession, use and disposal of motor vehicles, as well as the risk of loss (destruction) thereof or damage thereto as a result of insured events.

- Standard Risks

Loss (destruction) of or damage to road a motor vehicle transport (optional equipment) as a result of the following events:

  • Road Traffic Accident (RTA) – an event occurring in the course of on-road movement of a motor vehicle and with participation thereof, where there is a collision with another motor vehicle, crash (impact) into moving or stationary objects (buildings, obstacles, birds, animals etc.), roll over, flooding and any object falling of thereon; 
  • unlawful acts of third parties, such as theft, burglary, robbery, stealing of a motor vehicle or individual parts, components or auxiliary equipment thereof, and destruction thereof or any damage thereto associated with theft, robbery or stealing or attempted theft, robbery or stealing;
  • natural disasters, such as gale, storm, hurricane, hail, lightning, earthquake, landslide, landfall;
  • other unforeseen events, including fire, explosion, fall through ice, breakdown of plumbing, heating or sewage systems.

Sum insured:
actual (market) value of the motor vehicle

Insurance rates for voluntary insurance classes, published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Rates published on this website do not constitute an offer.

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