Railway Transport Insurance is a type of property insurance. Losses in the operation of railway transport may occur due to various factors, including those beyond human control. Events associated with a loss can cause great damage to the economic activity of an enterprise. In this case a timely executed insurance contract may serve as a guarantee against losses and of further success. Our company has extensive experience in railway transport insurance and it offers its customers insurance coverage on favorable terms.

The object insured is the property interest of the policyholder related to possession, use and disposal of railway transport, as well as the risk of loss (destruction) thereof or damage thereto as a result of insured events.

- Standard Risks

An insured event is the loss (destruction) of or damage to railway transport due to the following events:

  • fire;
  • explosion;

  • crash, accident, collision;

  • soil subsidence;

  • destruction of a bridge;

  • unlawful acts of third persons, namely, burglary, theft, robbery.

The following is subject to insurance:

1) passenger railcars, postal cars, baggage, postal-baggage cars, dining cars, service and technical (service, clubs, medical, testing and measuring laboratories and other special passenger type railcars);

2) freight cars - covered, open wagons, platforms, tanks, special wagons for transportation of goods (hopper cars, insulated, refrigerated wagons, grain carts, container transporters, livestock and live fish wagons, asphalt wagons, rail car transporters, and special freight cars);

3) other railway transport relating to rolling stock.

Sum Insured:

Value of the rail transport.

Insurance of Third Party Liability of Rail Transport Owners

Passenger and freight rail transportation is an important business associated with various risks, including damage to passengers, their property (baggage) or cargo. Therefore, an enterprise engaged in such transportation must have an insurance contract for civil liability of rail transport owners, protecting its interests.

The object insured is the property interest of the policyholder related to its obligation under the civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to compensate for any damage caused to life, health and (or) property of third parties (victims) as a result of operation of rail transport as a source of increased danger.

The sum insured and insurance premium shall be established as agreed by the parties.

- Standard Risks

An insured event is the fact of occurrence of civil liability of the policyholder for compensation for harm caused to life, health and (or) property of persons recognized as victims, as a result of sudden, unexpected event in the course of rail transport operation by the policyholder.

Insurance can be carried out in respect of liability to the policyholder to:

Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

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