Airplane crashes have become more frequent in recent years: airlines suffer million dollar losses, not only related to payment of compensation for the lives of passengers and their property, but also to the restoration of the damaged air transport, or in case of its total loss - to the purchase of a new air transport.

Object insured is the property interest of the policyholder related to the possession, use, and disposal of an aircraft, as well as the risk of loss (destruction) thereof or damage thereto as a result of insured events.

- Standard Risks

An insured event is loss (destruction) of or damage to the aircraft as a result of the following events:

  • air incident, or any other classified event;

  • theft (not high-jacking) or loss (disappearance) of the insured property (aircraft);

  • unintentional actions of third parties, that is, actions that do not entail administrative or criminal liability for the persons committing them, taking place during the period of insurance coverage.

Risks are insured for all periods of aircraft operation - in flight, while taxiing or parked.

Sum Insured:
Value of the aircraft.
The following are subject to insurance:
aircrafts, helicopters, special purpose aircrafts.

Insurance of Third Party liability of Air Transport Owners

This type of insurance covers property interests of the policyholder related to their obligation under the civil law to compensate for damage caused to life and health or property of the affected persons in the aircraft operation by the policyholder (the insured).

Object insured is the property interests of the policyholder related to their obligation under the civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to reimburse for damage caused to life and health and (or) property of third parties in the operation of air transport, air carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, or in the course of aerial works using such air transport.

- Standard Risks

An insured event is incurrence of civil liability by the policyholder to compensate for damage to third parties, passengers and cargo resulting from operation of the aircraft specified in the insurance contract.

Insurance may be effected in relation to:

Insurance can be effected in any combination of the above types of liability.

Sum Insured:
As agreed by the parties.

For flights to the European Union countries – not less than the limits set, depending on the aircraft operational take-off weight.

Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

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