Industry-Specific Insurance

Oil Operations Insurance provides insurance coverage of property interests of companies engaged in the exploration, production, storage, processing and transportation of oil and gas pipelines, in the form of compensation for the damage caused by insured events. Insurance covers unforeseen costs associated with well blowout, insurance of civil liability for harm to life, health or property of third parties and the environment, employer's liability insurance for any damage caused to an employee in the performance of their employment duties.

Insurance covers all stages of the supply chain - from exploration, production and storage of oil (gas) and to its pump-over by pipeline transfer.

Insurance premium for the insured object is determined individually on the basis of information provided by the policyholder, depending on the degree of risk, and is calculated based on many component factors such as geographical location of wells, number of wells, well depth, type of operations, etc.

Sum Insured

Section A
Property Value

• buildings and structures, transmission devices;
• pipelines (oil and gas);
• body frames and mechanisms of drilling platforms, and other.

Section B
Limit as agreed with the insurer

Object insured is the property interests of the policyholder arising during oil operations associated with the risk of unforeseen costs that the policyholder has incurred in connection with the necessity of taking control of the insured wells, re-drilling and recovery of insured wells, or any part thereof, debris removal, demolition, enforcement of property destroyed (damaged) as a result of well out of control.

Section C
Limit as agreed with the insurer

Third Party Liability Insurance associated with environmental pollution, the costs of remediation of environmental damage caused, and liability to third parties.

Section D
Limit as agreed with the insurer

Insurance of employer's liability for damage to the health and life of employees as a result of industrial accidents and occupational diseases during the performance of their job duties.

Insurance rates for facultative insurance classes, published on this website may not apply to each and every insurance contract and are subject to change depending on the extent of risk and specific insurance terms. Publication of rates on this website does not constitute an offer.

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