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Environmental insurance is an effective way of creating favorable conditions to ensure environmental safety and improving financial stability of your businesses.

Mandatory environmental insurance, according to the law, is the insurance of civil liability of enterprises that create increased environmental hazard.

Insurance is effected based on the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Mandatory Environmental Insurance” № 93-III dated 13.12.2005

- Standard Risk

Sudden and unintended environmental pollution caused by an accident occurring in the course of environmentally hazardous economic and other activities of physical and (or) legal entities, and constituting emission into atmosphere and (or) discharge of harmful substances into water or dispersal of solid, liquid or gaseous pollutants on the earth's surface, in subsurface, or formation of odors, noise, vibration, radiation, or electromagnetic, temperature, light, or other physical, chemical, biological harmful effects of exceeding current permissible limit.

Sum Insured

The amount of sum insured is established by agreement between the parties, but a minimum amount of insurance coverage shall be as follows:

Insurance Rate:
0,76% to 2,65% of the sum insured;
Where only TLP for causing environmental damage is insured totaling 17 000 MCI
0,59% to 2,05% of the sum insured.

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